Sunday, June 26, 2011

Unorchestrated ....'Dig-Vijay Sings'

         What is wrong with the provocative Diggy uncle ? Not that anything was right about the proverbial jester either. Sandwiched between the polarities of correctness, is an astute clamoring of dynastic hypocrisy and personal fiefdom. Dynastic hypocrisy of the Congress Party and of course the fiefdom that Diggy seeks to conjure out of sheer national buffoonery.

           So, where in this complex matrix of political board games does the Prince of Raghogarhs 'foot in the mouth' syndrome fit in ? Is he, a foot loose and fancy free lose canon, or a clever fox crafting the throne to seat a toothless lion ?
       Every ruler, famous or otherwise, grooms in his court cronies who roll their tongues out for their masters to walk over and provide a proxy voice to the dynasty. It would then seem to the ignorant macrocosm, that the ruler is benevolent in thought, action and intent.  The tongue in cheek declaration 'Rahul is ready.....' reminds me of a sequence from the animation Blockbuster 'the Lion King', where a monkey, a certified member of the inner circle, standing on a high pedestal, raises a cub for the subjects to be in absolute awe of the majestic toddler.

      What did Diggy expect? The ignorant subjects to gasp in awe at his folly laced declaration and put their fastened hands together for a thundering applause, announcing the arrival of yet another ring master ? Perhaps yes.......that was what he was meant to do. The designs of those minds pickled in power have laid out the perfect role for a court jester. 

     It is rumored in the high voltage theatrical corridors of power, that Digvijay, known for his astute political craft, was handpicked to take a sabbatical from active politics to groom the thumb sucking prince in the art of statesmanship. Is this forced hiatus a one way ticket for the kingmaker? Back in his home state, though a crafty politician, his reputation was plagued by a string of criminal indulgences. His versatility in the field of sublime crime, ranges from his prowess for shooting from his hatred filled hip, acid laced defamation's to gross financial irregularities and mafia connections. Why blame him, after all, he belongs to that righteous class of citizens who are above the measly law ? Thus he cools his heated feet in the capital, in the guise of the congress secretary, grooming the prince in waiting and buying time to play Shylok. The deeper instinct is clear, if Rahul Gandhi is PM, Diggy shifts from state to national politics with a plum ministerial berth in the offing.
     While a certain quarter may argue that grooming a statesman is no civic sin, but a peek into the public consequence of this tutelage is a national embarrassment. Consider this :Both tutor and pupil air the same thoughts about hypothetical right wing extremism, so much so that the diaper clad pupil wailed in the lap of Timothy Roemer, the American ambassador in India.Did Diggy fathom a luxurious 'star and stripe' nannying to the cradle confined student ?

             Within the party and for a national stage performance, the teacher-student duo are in search of a wave to ride on.The preposterous freshness, the subject of right wing extremism brings to bear, will usher in a fresh uneasy gush ,thus shifting the span and locus of attention. Rahul'ji's fatuous hallucination of catastrophe at Lakhimpur & Bhatta Parasul, bit the dust when the NHRC, an instrument of the government, rubbished his revery. Diggy to the rescue !! Playing a scheming valet, screaming his excuse seasoned lungs, he demanding a CBI probe. The hyped damage control mechanism was in place, completely diluting attention from the lack of substance in the attention seeking cocktail.  Bravo Diggy bravo !!

          Diggy as a solo stand up performer in distress did not fail either..his birdbrained comments judging the Batla house encounter as fake, tall claims of the Mumbai ATS chief calling him up (sic) and expressing threats threats to his life, branding RSS as Nazis and the icing on the cake.... suffixing a bizarre adoration to the name of the worlds most wanted man,Osama (ji-sic) and questioning the means and the ways the last rites were carried out have won him an olive branch.While the nation stoops in embarrassment, this olive branch rests on the empty and perforated self propagating head of Sri Digvijay Singh.

              When Rahuls man friday declared that the heir apparent was ready to be PM, the esteemed beholder  the chair, felt sharp blades of grass growing under his meek feet. Would it be appropriate for the dynasty to dislodge experience and wisdom of others like Mr Pranab Mukherjee and P Chidambaram ? Feathers had been ruffled and Diggy added a tucked tail to his vibrant statement  '...Rahul is ready to be PM but Manmohan is a good PM'. Wow... operation successful, patient in his grave !!!
                  In a recent interview, a congress party spokesman, on national television declared..... 'if you sow wind, you will reap a whirl wind'. Sir, it is your esteemed party that has sown Diggy and his shenanigans , hope it is not Rahul with his present political wisdom which will be the result ?

Sunday, December 12, 2010

A-Run-Dotty Roy

In misery lies pronounced opportunity. In opportunity, is conceived the circus of jingoistic social activism. In the cocktail garnish of the Indian social fiber,blooms the page three diaspora.Their wisdom,more often than not, constrained and challenged by the spirits that elevate them from disturbing realities that plagues society.A thrifty, self indulging general of this tribe is Arundathi Roy, who carts in her caravan, causes of 'dam'aged hues. 

The Roy express,is an opinion heavy,substance lacking gravy train that chugs on a populist rail track.With scant regard for the virtue of our geographical preserves or the lives shed to shield them, Ms 'know all',shrouded by nothing more than eloquence and prose,pronounces her new role as the self catapulting spokeswoman to causes bereft of sustainance. Her justification lies in weak fault lines,claiming to echo '...what millions of people in Kashmir have been saying everyday for years.' Her sense of arithmetic count seems to fathom fantasy filled fallacies .Which side of the border did she count the millions, I often ponder ? When caught on slippery ground with acid laced anti national sentiment, she plays the sympathy card squealing,“Pity the nation that needs to jail those who ask for justice while communal killers, mass murderers, corporate scamsters, looters, rapists, and those who prey on the poorest of the poor, roam free.” They do, and so do you, with an illegal dwelling on notified forest land in Panchmari. So much for her  dubious unequivocal outburst against the world of crime.

Chug on,Ms Roy,whats next on your a-la-carte...sainthood for terrorists? Perhaps will demand your share of the halo. After all,  in the new socio economic order, everything has a price,including a free ride on your benevolence filled gravy train.